Alternate Rules: Type 4 (Limited Inifinity)

Type 4 has been around for a while. I didn't make this one up! The format also goes by the name, Limited Infinity. Here are some links to some additional reading on the format:

This thread at themanadrain is also a great resource and it includes lists of card choices for the stack along with commentary:

So, what is Type 4 (Limited Infinity)?
  • Each player has infinite mana of all types, at all times.
  • Each player may play only one spell per turn.
There are a few additional rules that are up to you to consider. For example, starting with less cards in hand is typical (5 to start instead of 7). Sometimes "alternate casting cost" spells do not count against the one spell per turn rule. Also, there might be a limit to the number of times an ability can be activated per turn. Another common rule is that "defensive" abilities win. In other words, if your creature can regenerate an infinite number of times while my activated ability can destroy your creature an infinite number of times, your creature simply regenerates and the game moves on.

A common stack of cards is used to play, similar to Cube Drafting. The stack can be drafted in any of the ways that players draft in other formats, split up evenly and distributed randomly, or even shared as a common library.

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