Saturday, June 22, 2019

Old School MTG: Wu Winter Prison

***Update: 6/22/2019 - It's fitting that I'm just noticing now (in Summer) that I didn't actually push the "publish" button on this back in Winter. Doh! As I recall, this deck made for some very long games. In several games, I held on turn after turn by bouncing the threat with the Time Elemental until I topdecked enough answers to turn the tide.

As we kick off another year, I plan to explore the old school format by building a new deck each month. I expect some cards will show up in a lot of decks, but the goal is to build a deck with a different theme or a different method of executing a theme every month. I'll play the same deck through the entire month and then switch it up to something new when the month ends. Twelve months, twelve decks.

For January, it seems appropriate to build a deck that features Winter Orb. White with a splash of Blue makes for a great prison deck that pushes the theme of a soul-crushing winter, covered in ice and snow. The main win condition is the icy hand of the old winter gods closing around you as the last remaining embers of the fire die out. And robots. Because, if there's anything I love to jam in Old School, it's robots.

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