Friday, December 4, 2020

Old School Brawl MTG: Sol'Kanar vs. Aladdin

The Sentinels maintain a set of rules for playing Brawl format in Old School. It's a kick in the pants. If you're looking for something new to try, check it out. The banlist is short. The games are full of variance.

Ben and I had a chance to give the format a try recently using a webcam. He brought his Sol'Kanar the swamp king deck. I brought Aladdin. We ended up going 2-2 before calling it a night, but one of my wins was on the back of Ben keeping a two mountain hand and drawing nothing for the first six turns. Otherwise, I felt like I was on the back foot the entire time. Aladdin played like a bad combination of an aggro deck with some light control elements and a defensive deck trying to draw things out for a big X-spell finisher. Not great, but fun games! Lots of decisions. And not just that, decisions that mattered. The format is good at producing those kinds of games.

Here's Ben's Sol'Kanar Brawl deck:

Here's my Aladdin Brawl deck:

I successfully used Falling Star on a Royal Assassin at one point. Whew. Saved.

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