Sunday, December 22, 2019

Magical Christmas Presents

For Christmas this year, I made custom theme boosters for three of my friends. They play Commander decks with clear themes focused on different creature types, so I selected cards that would fit those themes.

The fun part of the process (for me), was going through all of the cards to find the right 15 to put in the booster. I made a spreadsheet and winnowed each theme down to a list with a good mix of card types.

The boosters are wrapped in normal printer paper, carefully glued along the edges and along the fold in the back (like a genuine booster). The ends are "crimped" using a couple of forks. The cards inside were in clear sleeves to make sure the glue wouldn't get on them, but I used a glue-stick so it really wasn't a problem. I used a pen to freehand the labels on the front.

Here is the YouTube video tutorial I watched:

Have fun making your own booster packs!

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